Strengthen Your Company

Every company can grow stronger. That may involve building something new or strengthening part of your existing operations. At RRCG, we specialize in asking powerful questions, soliciting customer feedback, increasing your leadership IQ, and building strong governance to help you secure the future you dream about.


Services that might apply:

  • Strategic planning
  • Board development
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Organizational assessment
  • Cultural transformation

Using Cultural Transformation to Deliver Tangible Results:

When the new CEO arrived and the board was looking for change, the time was right to transform the company culture at this Wisconsin services firm with a national clientele and long history of success. RRCG was hired to assist the organization in making a transition to a new way of doing business. The CEO wanted a new culture that was more creative, more engaging, and better positioned to meet the challenges outlined in their new strategic plan.

Over the course of six months, numerous planning meetings, and two staff retreats, the staff came together to say good-bye to the old culture and create a new approach to working together. In the process, new core values were identified, silos were taken down, and actions teams were created to make the new culture evident in the physical environment and create a more open communication style. A simple employee survey will be used to help measure and substantiate the changes moving forward.