Build Your Career

No one succeeds alone. An outside perspective and acquiring new skills are powerful allies in the journey to develop leadership or team mastery. At RRCG, we offer a mixture of new ideas from relevant periodicals, critical self-reflection, action learning and peer feedback to launch sustained professional growth.


Services that might apply:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Team development

Using Executive Coaching to Deliver Tangible Results

Managers promoted to lead a team or division often struggle with their new responsibilities. Highly proficient in their chosen field, they often need help growing their leadership skills, seeing the big picture, and motivating employees. This was exactly the case at this fast growing on-line retail company. RRCG was brought on board to work with one high potential employee, recently promoted to lead the team he was recently a member of.

Over the course of a year, this individual made the transition from being a new manager to becoming a leader who was noticed beyond just his department. He learned the power of asking questions rather than giving instruction, how to assess top talent, and how to achieve a healthy work life balance. Measuring success was easy. Feedback from his co-workers and the company president documented the growth and his increased confidence/competence as a leader.